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IRCTC Login page Irctc registration Tatkal booking and pnr status check for train enquiry

How to IRCTC login & IRCTC registration tips to create IRCTC account, Tatkal Booking, PNR status check. IRCTC login and account registration section is provided directly on the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation website home page. It is very simple process Just open and enter your username and password and click Login button.

If you are facing problem to login then check how to troubleshoot IRCTC Login problem.

And if you don’t have an IRCTC account and new to online ticket booking system then follow the instructions provided on and start booking ticket online from your home, office or any place where you have access to the internet.

The Complete IRCTC account setup process can be explained set by step as following.
  1. IRCTC account Registration
  2. Login IRCTC Login Page
  3. IRCTC ticket booking
    • E-Ticket booking
    • I-Ticket booking
    • Tatkal Ticket booking
  4. IRCTC Ticket cancellation
Also if, online ticket booking is new experience for you then following is very helpful.
  1. How to Check PNR status
  2. How to Spot Your Train
Now let us discuss these stages to setup an online ticket booking IRCTC account, one by one in detail.

IRCTC account Registration

First of all you need an account to start booking tickets because to book tickets, IRCTC need to authenticate you and manage your details. It helps IRCTC to provide the details like ticket booking history, details about plan your journey, refunds for cancel tickets etc on your request. Therefore an IRCTC account is required.

To create a new account you need an email id, mobile number, unique user id and a secured password. You can think of a unique user id and a secured password during the IRCTC account registration process.

To create IRCTC account click this link and click on Register button provided below the Log in button on the IRCTC Login page.

Follow the step by step process discussed in detail at IRCTC account registration.

Once you successfully create IRCTC account, you can login to the website and book tickets online.

IRCTC Login Process

It is very simple to log in to your IRCTC account. Just Visit and enter your username and password, enter the captcha words and press Log in button.

Check complete detailed step by step IRCTC Login process.

Also if you are facing any problem to log in IRCTC then you can get useful information to troubleshoot IRCTC Login problem

IRCTC Ticket booking process

You can book E-ticket, I-Ticket and Tatkal ticket with your online account. The difference between these three types of tickets is that, when you book ticket online an E-ticket is not sent to your address but provided on your email and mobile. An I-ticket booking requires your address at which it can be sent to you, the Indian Railways send I-tickets at the address you provides through a standard courier service. The Tatkal tickets are booked on urgent requirement basis one day before the train’s departure. You have to pay extra ticket booking charges for Tatkal ticket booking.
  1. E-Ticket booking: Follow the steps to book E-Ticket.
  2. I-Ticket booking: Follow the steps to book I-Ticket.
  3. Tatkal Ticket booking: Follow the steps to book Tatkal Ticket.

Once you successfully book a ticket, you can take a printout of it. An e-ticket is sent to your mobile though SMS and a printout is not required. You can show E-ticket message that you received in your mobile phone from IRCTC and a valid ID-Card during your journey.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation process

Even you have the option to cancel your tickets online. You can cancel only those tickets which you have booked through your IRCTC account. Tickets booked through counter window are not allowed to be cancelled through IRCTC Login account.
  1. E-Ticket cancellation: Follow the steps to cancel E-Ticket.
  2. I-Ticket cancellation: Follow the steps to cancel I-Ticket.

On railway ticket cancellation the refund will be processed as per the IRCTC guidelines, after deducting the train ticket cancellation charges.

Once your ticket is booked, then knowing how to check PNR status and how to spot your train is an advantage for you.

How to check PNR status

Through PNR number you can check your reservation status if you were failed to book a confirmed ticket.

What is PNR, where to check it, Tips to check PNR status and more useful information is provided at PNR status check.

How to spot your train

You can even spot your train’s location and plan your railway station visit accordingly. It is very helpful for the passengers and relatives of passengers.

The more information about detailed tips to spot your train is provided at Spot Your Train.

Once you have your IRCTC account and understands the complete IRCTC Login process. You can book tickets at comfort of your home. One more bonus for you is you can use IRCTC Login mobile application to access your account for ticket booking. It is said that ticket booking through IRCTC mobile application is faster. Check tips to log in IRCTC mobile app and IRCTC mobile ticket booking process.

25 October, 2014

IRCTC's Tatkal Rules

Check information on how to book Tatkal ticket faster.

Tatkal Rules changes every budget, as per announcement made in the Indian Railway Budget 2013-14, following are the Tatkal rules of IRCTC.

24 October, 2014

IRCTC Seat Availability | Indian Railways Seat Availability Enquiry

IRCTC seat availability enquiry is a routine exercise for daily train commuters. But when you have planed to travel to a location or city by Indian railways then your first job will be to find the train between your present city and destination city. Once you find the train according to your schedule then you need to check seat availability in train. We can do IRCTC seat availability by train name or train no or by providing you current city and destination city.

23 October, 2014

New IRCTC Login | How to log in on NGET eTicketing System

New IRCTC Login on IRCTC website is same but with a little difference that you have to type a captcha field in addition to the IRCTC login name and password. Recently IRCTC's next generation eTicketing system website is inaugurated by minister for Railways Shri D.V.Sadananda Gowda. The new website is designed to handle the huge web traffic that IRCTC website is getting daily. It was becoming difficult to access IRCTC website during Tatkal ticket booking timing. It was also very difficult to access the IRCTC login form.

22 October, 2014

NGET IRCTC Login | IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing website really fast for Tatkal Booking

IRCTC has launched NGET IRCTC login and new next generation e-ticketing system with. IRCTC from past few months was trying hard to improve its website and finally has done it. We might have noticed the difference in journey planner, some time we had a new one and some time old one. The new journey planner was part of the new IRCTC next generation website.

21 October, 2014

IRCTC Login Problems and Solutions

IRCTC login problems are usual, as there is a huge traffic to the servers of the website during morning hours specially during Tatkal timings. There may be other reasons also that may preventing you from logging in to your account. Below is an attempt to list out the reasons which may be causing the problem along with its solution.
If you are facing IRCTC Login problem to log in to you account then you can follow these steps to log in to you IRCTC account.

19 October, 2014

IRCTC PNR Status check

IRCTC PNR status can be checked on IRCTC online ticket booking website Once you book a ticket online and when you get a unconfirmed reservation you can check PNR status later. One more benefit is that when a ticket is booked with IRCTC, a transaction history is maintained in your IRCTC account, due to this a passenger don't have to remember his/her ticket PNR no. and PNR status can be checked with one click of button from the transaction booked history.

18 October, 2014

IRCTC Login | How to Login IRCTC website

IRCTC login is simple process. A log in page is provided at IRCTC website to log in to your IRCTC account. To log in IRCTC website you should have created an IRCTC account, because only registered users are allowed to access the website. If you don't have an account create new IRCTC account.

Update: IRCTC next generation e-ticketing system has launched, check how to login through NEXTGen IRCTC Login form.

The IRCTC website is accessible all the time and therefore you can log in to your account at any time. But you are allowed to book tickets after 8 AM only and also it is difficult to log in an IRCTC account during the Tatkal reservation hours. Therefore avoid IRCTC login during Tatkal booking time.

Train Enquiry | Rail Inquiry about Trains

Train enquiry to search and find your train timings, route and location. Complete alternative to train time table. Even you will find more details like seat availability and change in train schedule. Also you can perform train enquiry and check PNR status of your reservation.

17 October, 2014

IRCTC Registration | How to create new IRCTC account

IRCTC registration is very simple. If you are new to online train ticket booking experience then  you need an IRCTC account to book tickets. You can create new IRCTC account with very simple steps given below. Make note while IRCTC new registration that only a single account is authorized by IRCTC. Therefore only maintain and create one new account. Also provide correct information otherwise your account will be removed. Having an online ticketing account is very beneficial, it will save your time and it will help you to book tickets as per your requirements quickly. With a IRCTC account you can check seat availability in a train, cancel your ticket and check you passed booked ticket history and also can file an online TDR. Every one should have an online ticketing account.

16 October, 2014

SpotUrTrain | Spot your Train's Location Live

Now you can spoturtrain live and see where the train has reached. Spoturtrain will help you whether you want to catch your train or want to reach station on time to receive your relatives but big frustration comes when you are not able to spot ur train and when you came to know that the train is running late then you have to wait for two or more hour for the train at the station. So see spoturtrain is very useful.

15 October, 2014

PNR Status | How to check PNR status of Rly reservation

What is PNR status?

PNR status is the current reservation status of a passenger. This status include many details about the passenger like train number, class of travel, seat/berth number etc. But the most important one is the seat/berth number, for which most of status inquiries are done by the passengers. You can check your latest PNR status on the basis of PNR number assigned to you by Indian railway or IRCTC at the time of booking of tickets.

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