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IRCTC Login page

IRCTC Login is a simple process for those who have an IRCTC account. IRCTC Login and Registration section is provided directly on the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation website home page. Just open and enter your username and password and click Login button.

If you are facing problem to login then check how to troubleshoot IRCTC Login problem.

And if you don’t have an IRCTC account and new to online ticket booking system then follow the instructions provided here and start booking ticket online from your home, office or any place where you have access to internet.

The Complete IRCTC account setup process can be explained as following.
  1. IRCTC account Registration
  2. Login IRCTC Login Page
  3. IRCTC ticket booking
    • E-Ticket booking
    • I-Ticket booking
    • Tatkal Ticket booking
  4. IRCTC Ticket cancellation 
Also if, online ticket booking is new experience for you then following is very helpful.
  1. How to Check PNR status
  2. How to Spot Your Train
Now let us discuss these stages to setup an online ticket booking system account, one by one in detail.

IRCTC account Registration

First of all you need an account to start booking ticket. To book ticket IRCTC need to authenticate you and manage your details. It helps them to provide the details like ticket booking history, details about plan your journey, cancel ticket refunds etc on your request. Therefore an account is required.

To create a new account you need an email id, mobile number, unique user id and a secured password. You can think of a unique user id and a secured password during the IRCTC account Registration process.

To create IRCTC account click this link and click on Register button provided below the Login button on IRCTC Login page.

Follow the step by step process discussed in detail provided at IRCTC Account Registration.

Once you successfully create IRCTC account, you can login to IRCTC website and book tickets online.

IRCTC Login Process

It is very simple to login to your IRCTC account. Just Visit and enter your username and password and press Login button.

Check complete detailed step by step IRCTC Login process.

Also if you are facing any problem to login IRCTC then you can get useful information to troubleshoot IRCTC Login problem

IRCTC Ticket booking process

You can book E-ticket, I-Ticket and Tatkal ticket with your online account. The difference between these three types of tickets is that, when you book ticket online an E-ticket is not sent to your address but provide on your email and mobile. An I-ticket booking requires your address at which it can be sent to you, the Indian Railway send I-tickets at the address you provide through a standard courier service. The Tatkal tickets are booked on urgent requirement basis one day before the train’s departure. You have to pay extra ticket booking charges for Tatkal ticket booking.
  1. E-Ticket booking: Follow the steps to book E-Ticket.
  2. I-Ticket booking: Follow the steps to book I-Ticket.
  3. Tatkal Ticket booking: Follow the steps to book Tatkal-Ticket.

Once you successfully book a ticket, you can take a printout of it. An e-ticket is sent to your mobile though SMS and a printout is not required. You can show E-ticket message that you received in your mobile phone and a valid ID-Card during your journey.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation process

Even you have the option to cancel your ticket online. You can cancel only those tickets which you have booked through your account. Tickets booked through counter window are not allowed to be cancelled through IRCTC Login account.
  1. E-Ticket cancellation: Follow the steps to cancel E-Ticket.
  2. I-Ticket cancellation: Follow the steps to cancel I-Ticket.

On railway ticket cancellation the refund will be processed as per the IRCTC guidelines, after deducting the train ticket cancellation charges.

Once your ticket is booked, then knowing how to check PNR status and how to spot your train is advantage for you.

How to check PNR status

Through PNR number you can check your reservation status if you were failed to book a confirmed ticket.

What is PNR, where to check it, steps to check PNR status and more useful information is provided at PNR status.

How to spot your train

You can even spot your train’s location and plan your railway station visit accordingly. It is very helpful for the passengers and relatives of passengers.

The more information about detailed steps to spot your train is provided at Spot Your Train.

Once you have your IRCTC account and know the complete IRCTC Login process. You can book tickets at comfort of your home. One more bonus for you is you can use IRCTC Login mobile application to access your account for ticket booking. It is said that ticket booking through IRCTC mobile application is faster. Check steps to login IRCTC mobile app and mobile ticket booking process.

New IRCTC Login | How to log in on NGET eTicketing System

New IRCTC Login on IRCTC website is same but with a little difference that you have to type a captcha field in addition to the IRCTC login name and password.

IRCTC Shopping | Online Shopping Site Powered by Yebhi is Closed

Last year the IRCTC had launched its e-commerce site in partnership with  IRCTC’s online shopping site powered by Yebhi was hosted at and for sale of clothing, accessories, home decor and electronics.

NGET IRCTC Login | IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing website really fast for Tatkal Booking

IRCTC has launched NGET IRCTC login and new next generation e-ticketing system with. IRCTC from past few months was trying hard to improve its website and finally has done it. We might have noticed the difference in journey planner, some time we had a new one and some time old one. The new journey planner was part of the new IRCTC next generation website.

Spot Your Train | Spot ur train on Mobile

Spot your train on mobile any where on go. Mobile is a handy device and available always any where, and if you have plan to visit railway station to catch a train or want to receive a relative from the railway station try to spot the train before visiting the station. It will help you to save your important instead of wasting your time in waiting for the train if you train is delayed.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking | Rly to launch separate new website

For IRCTC Tatkal booking, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has decided to launch a new website only for Tatkal timings. The decision has been taken to overcome the problem faced by IRCTC account users while making Tatkal reservation.

IRCTC Launches Online Railway Retiring Room Booking

Online railway retiring room booking is the new service launched by Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Now in addition to the manual booking, passengers can book railway retiring rooms online.

Track your train | Train tracking and live train running information

Track your train live running information and spot your train current location on map. Train tracking becomes essential when you want to reach the railway station exactly on time so that you don't have to waste your time in waiting for train. You can also track your train to know how late is your train.

Voter ID Card Online | Tatkal Booking

Voter ID Card or any other valid identity card is mandatory for Tatkal booking as per Tatkal rules. If you have planed your journey on urgent basis and planning to travel by train then you have to book ticket through Tatkal booking system of Indian Railway.

IRCTC eWallet Review by users

IRCTC has recently launched a new scheme called IRCTC e-Wallet. Under this scheme you can make an advance deposit with the IRCTC and you can use your balance in your e-Wallet account to book tickets.
If you haven't registered with this scheme then check this IRCTC e-wallet Registration information guide.

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