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IRCTC's Tatkal Reservation Tips | Faster IRCTC Tatkal Booking

IRCTC Tatkal booking process is very annoying. If you have ever booked a Tatkal ticket, you must know every minute is important while booking. Every second is important therefore you have to efficiently use the every part of time. We have laid out a guide to help you in Tatkal  booking of ticket, along with some useful tech tools and tips and tricks that will help you get a confirmed Tatkal ticket faster.
faster IRCTC Tatkal booking, ticket not booked problem.
IRCTC Tatkal booking, ticket not booked problem.

Fast Tatkal booking of train tickets

  1. The IRCTC Tatkal online booking window opens only a day in advance of your journey between 10 am and 12 am. 
  2. A person can do Tatkal booking of only two tickets on a user id, so for any more tickets you will require to IRCTC login Tatkal account using other user ids. 
  3. Now, you require to successfully log in to the IRCTC reservation process at exactly 10 a.m., but keep in mind, there's tens of thousands of other people trying to log in to the site, so needs to be speedy. 
  4. Try to log in using multiple accounts on different browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera or take a hand from your buddies ten minutes before. For this, make definite that your time is synced with the IRCTC server time, so that there's no issues due to difference in time as a delay in a minute means lesser chances of getting a ticket. 
  5. To know the server time, click here, key in any number, click on 'Get Schedule' & the lower right side will show you the exact browser time at IRCTC, or you may even log in to your IRCTC account. Besides, you can also use the Firefox add-on gizmo to sync the time along with your computer. By installing the add-on, the user script will provide the real time view of the server time, once the time you log in to your IRCTC account. This add-on is also available for Chrome.
  6. Once successfully logged in quickly book the tickets, you can use browser's auto fill features or add-on to quickly fill the fields on ticket booking page.
Also please share your views on how we can make IRCTC Tatkal booking more faster.

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