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Now you can spoturtrain live and see where the train has reached. Spoturtrain will help you whether you want to catch your train or want to reach station on time to receive your relatives but big frustration comes when you are not able to spot ur train and when you came to know that the train is running late then you have to wait for two or more hour for the train at the station. So see spoturtrain is very useful.
Today's Indian railway technology provide an option to spot your train live on map, this way you can check the current position of the train that is at which station it is or which station it has crossed.

There are a lot of services available online to check the live train running information like rail radar service of and more but most of them are closed their services due to unknown reasons. But there are still some good train running status providing service available to spot the trains. Let's see one of them.

Spot ur train and live train running status
Spot ur Train details

Steps to spot your train:

  1. Click on to check the train running information.
  2. Search for your train by train name or by train number or by station name.
  3. When your search for train which you want to spot live is complete click on the the map and live status link provided with reference to the train details.
  4. Now you are done you have spotted your train, you will be presented with a map with live status of the train.
On the left hand side you will see the live spoturtrain on map of your train with the path the train travels. This map also show you:
  1. The current location of the train.
  2. Railway zone in which train is currently running.
  3. Last station crossed or current railway station at which train is standing.
On the right had side you will have a Refresh button to refresh the current status of your train and a table containing the schedule of your train. The train schedule table shows the current location of the train, Train delayed time and the expected time to reach the next station.

So have you seen how informative is spoturtrain, we can get a lot of good information about any train by spoturtrain. With such information bout a train we can plan our activity properly and prevent ourselves from lot of problems and wasting of time which we have to face when we are not using spot ur train to check the train running information. So next time before visiting any railway station spoturtrain.

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