Track your train | Train tracking and live train running information

Track your train live running information and spot your train current location on map. Train tracking becomes essential when you want to reach the railway station exactly on time so that you don't have to waste your time in waiting for train. You can also track your train to know how late is the train.
When you track your IRCTC train then train tracking provides the following information.
  1. Current location of train.
  2. Indian railway time and delay time.
  3. Expected time to reach a particular railway station.
  4. Train path and route live on map.
Track your train running status and information
Train tracking service

Now how can you track your train, there is a service available online to track your train, I also use this service to track my trains. The details about the train tracking service is provided below.

Steps to track your train live

  1. Visit the train tracking service here
  2. Click on search button on left hand side, by default you can find train by station name but if you want to track train by train number or by train name then select the search by train option.
  3. Enter your train name or train number or station name to track the train.
  4. As you type the train details or station name, a list of related trains will be presented to you.
  5. Select a train from the list of trains presented to you.
  6. If the train you have selected is running then the route of the train will be presented to you along with the current location of the train.
  7. Train is represented by a arrow head on the train route, you can click on this arrow head to check the details like the scheduled stops, current station, next station, train delay time, train timetable etc.
  8. There is also an option available to you to filter the type of trains you want to track, this options is available just below the search option. 
  9. Using filter option you will be able to view only your desired trains on the map.
  10. You can also zoom in and zoom out to enlarge the map of the train route.
This train tracking service is very good and provide a lot of information about train running status. always use this service to track your train before going to railway station. train tracking will help you to prevent you to waste your valuable time at railway station. If you want to receive your relatives from railway station then you can track your train before visiting the railway station.

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