IRCTC Registration Process to Sign up and create new account in IRCTC

IRCTC registration is very simple. Sign up for a new account and start booking tickets online. If your experience with online train ticket booking is new then you are in the right place. Here you can learn to create a new account on IRCTC in easy steps. To book train tickets online you definitely need a new IRCTC account.
The registration form is available online in the web form and registration form pdf version is not available. The form for individual registration can be accessed at

and fill up and sent it to IRCTC. IRCTC mobile registration form can also be accessed at the same link. IRCTC registration through the mobile app is also simple. Registration without a mobile number is not possible. The form filling process to create a new account is easy and explained below.
IRCTC Registration Infographics

IRCTC Registration Fees

There are no registration charges for Indian users if they enter their Indian mobile number. The mobile number is mandatory registration without a mobile is not allowed. If you are in India and fee not paid by you then it is only because of it.
The International/NRI users with ISD code other than 91 have to pay registration fees after successful registration on the first login. Please note that the registration fee for International/NRI users is Rs. 100 + GST.

IRCTC allows only a single account registration for online ticket booking. Thus only maintain and create a single account and use the same account always. Also, provide correct information otherwise the account will get removed. Provide valid E-Mail ID and mobile number on the registration form. Because the user id, password, and an activation link will send to your registered E-Mail id. And a mobile verification code will send to the registered mobile number.

Benefits of IRCTC login account for online ticket booking

There are huge benefits to having an online ticket booking account, some of them listed below:
  1. It will save time and will help to book tickets as per the requirements.
  2. IRCTC account helps to check seat availability on a train
  3. Helps to cancel the tickets and check the past booked ticket history.
  4. When you failed to catch the train and not travel on a train. It provides an option to file an online TDR.
So everyone should create an account on IRCTC account registration is important. And required to book tickets online through the IRCTC website An IRCTC account required to authenticate the user on the IRCTC website. All the details related to the user's personal details. And ticket booking history details, maintained by the IRCTC in the user's account. The user can check these details anytime by sign-in on the website.

IRCTC account creation Time

IRCTC new user registration time is 24/7 but except 11:30 PM to 1:30 AM and during Tatkal time 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM new registration is not allowed. There is no limit on IRTC activation time, it can be done at any time.
IRCTC sign up and user registration time is blocked for a few hours that other users smoothly use the website when there is a heavy load and when the website requires maintenance.

How to create an account on IRCTC

Step 1 Open the Registration form

Open the new IRCTC website and click on the menu button.

Picture of new IRCTC website menu button

Then click on the "Login" link to open the new login box.

Picture of sidebar menu on new IRCTC website

This login box has a link to the registration form. Click on it to open a new registration form.

Picture of IRCTC login box with registration link

It will open the IRCTC Registration form as shown in the picture below with the following sections.
  1. Account information
  2. Personal details,
  3. Address Details,
  4. Word Verification section.
While filling up the IRCTC registration form, the fields marked with a red star are mandatory to fill. But you can skip the fields which are not marked with the red star.

Picture of new iRCTC registration form

Step 2 Choose the Username/Login ID

Select a username for the new account. The username should be between 3 to 10 characters. Click on Check Availability link to check the username is available or not. If not available then try a different username. Always remember your username because it will require to sign in to the new account.

Step 3 Password recovery details (Very important)

Then enter the details which will be requested from you to issue a new password, if you forget your password.

Step 4 Fill correct address details

Then provide proper address details. It is very important when you book I-ticket through the IRCTC account. Because IRCTC sends tickets by courier to the address you provide. Although you can provide a different address at the time of train ticket booking. It will help you to book tickets faster at the time of Tatkal ticket booking. If you maintain the correct address in your IRCTC account. Then it can be used with a click of a button instead of entering it, again and again, each time when you book a ticket.

Step 5 Security verification

Enter the verification code as given in the image. If you are unable to read it then you can use the refresh button on IRCTC new registration form to get a new code.

Step 6 Submit the registration details

Click on the submit button of the registration form to complete the account registration. You can also use the reset button to clear the form so that you can enter all the details again if required. After clicking on the submit button a pop up will appear as follows, If the entered email id and the mobile number are correct, click OK button to proceed further steps of IRCTC new registration.
    This is a picture of IRCTC Registration popup

Step 7 Accept terms and condition

Now you will present with terms and condition page. Click on the Accept button to continue the new registration process. Once you accept terms and conditions, the registration completion message will display. Accept it to finish.

Step 8 Verify your email and mobile number

Now check your email account and mobile phone number. That you have provided in the registration form to verify email and mobile numbers.
  • Click on the activation link received through e-mail. Or login to the IRCTC website through the user id and password received through e-mail. And enter the mobile verification code received through SMS. And click on the submit button to activate your new account.
  • To get the mobile verification code. If you have not received it earlier click on the first "Click Here" link. To update your registered mobile number. If you entered a wrong mobile number at the time of registration click on the second "Click Here" link. If you received more than one message with different mobile verification codes. The recent verification code should use to activate your account.
  • Once you verify the email account and mobile phone. The IRCTC new account registration process is complete. After successful activation of your account, you can change your password through the ‘Change Password’ link. Or you can use the same password received through email.
Congratulations, your IRCTC registration process is complete. And a new account is ready, now you can IRCTC Login to book tickets from home and office. Instead of standing in long ques at the reservation counter. Online ticket booking is very safe. IRCTC website provides all security to your personal data and booking payment transaction. So you can book tickets without any fear. The IRCTC account is much helpful to book Tatkal Tickets. Booking Tatkal ticket on the counter is very difficult. But with an online ticket booking account, you can book tickets as soon as Tatkal timings start. So enjoy online ticketing.
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