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IRCTC Seat Availability | Indian Railways Seat Availability Enquiry

IRCTC seat availability enquiry is a routine exercise for daily train commuters. But when you have planed to travel to a location or city by Indian railways then your first job will be to find the train between your present city and destination city. Once you find the train according to your schedule then you need to check seat availability in train. We can do IRCTC seat availability by train name or train no or by providing you current city and destination city.
IRCTC seat berth availability is important to save your time get a reservation quickly in the available train. IF you start booking seat without checking berth availability then it may result you with a waiting list reservation. Therefore always check seat availability in train before booking train tickets.

We can also check IRCTC seat availability Tatkal quota and fare of the journey. Knowing the fare is important and helpful to estimate the journey cost before booking ticket. And if seats are not available in a train under general quota then we can check it under Tatkal quota. It will help you to decide whether to book a general ticket or Tatkal ticket. The fare of Tatkal booking is also provided while seat availability checking.

There are two ways in which seat availability enquiry can be done:
  1. Though IRCTC website
  2. And through Indian Railways website
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IRCTC Journey Planner

IRCTC seat availability enquiry

Follow these steps to check berth availability through IRCTC website.
  1. Open IRCTC website in your browser.
  2. Now log in to your IRCTC account. You need an account to operate this website.
  3. On successful log in to your account, the 'Plan my journey' page will be presented to you.
  4. Now provide your start city and destination city to find the connecting trains.
  5. Provide your date of journey and press submit button.
  6. A list of trains between the two stations will be present in Journey Planner to you.
  7. Click your class of journey to find the available berth in that class. You can also select different quota like Tatkal to find seat availability under that quota.
  8. You are done successfully with IRCTC seat availability.

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Check seat availability Indian Railways 

Follow these steps to check berth availability through Indian Railways website.
  1. Open Indian Railways website in your web browser.
  2. Click on 'Train Berth Availability' option in the services section.
  3. Trains/Fare/Accommodation Availability Between Stations page will be presented.
  4. Now select your start city and destination city.
  5. Select class of journey and date of journey.
  6. You can filter your search by providing departure and arrival time of the trains.
  7. You can also select type of train like Shatabdi or Rajdhani etc.
  8. IRCTC seat availability is hot exercise during morning and evening when people left office for home. 
  9. Click on get details to get the list of trains available according to your enquiry.
  10. Select your train to check the seat availability in that train. And click on 'Get Fare' to find the fare in the selected train.
  11. You are done with Indian Railways seat availability.
IRCTC seat availability enquiry is mostly done during morning and in evening when people leave office to go to their homes.

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